What is Fullstory?

Fullstory is a memory tag that can make any photo frame, a story telling device. Attach any audio or video content directly on the photo frame with Fullstory tag.
Simply place Fullstory inside a photo frame, tap with your NFC smartphone to record or play. It's that easy! ... more (video)

Fullstory Cards

Available in two sizes, these cards can be attached to any photoframe easily.
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Fullstory Shapes

External dimensional shape card attaches to photo frames for storytelling. Coming soon.
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Fullstory behind your cherished photographs is just a tap away! Any video or audio story, memory or other recording can be easily retrieved simply by tapping the photo in context with a smartphone. Make an in-home or at work mini-museum like photo collection.

What is NFC and do I have NFC Phone? Briefly, NFC stands for Near Field Communication technology. It is built into most Smartphones. No special App or subscription is needed to use it. It works by a simple tap to initiate an action - such as visiting a web site or making a payment. Fullstory is built on top of NFC with cloud powered tag and patented record to play (RTP) technology that allows you to make any Photoframe a smart storytelling device. You can check if you have a NFC phone at this comprehensive list.

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